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How to send files with Sendspace

Sending files with Sendspace will allow us to increase the ability to share files and images in our daily lives. Take note of how to send large files easily and quickly.

In our day to day life we can have the need to send files that occupy too much , especially photos and some documents with images, are usually very heavy. If we choose to use a conventional email such as Gmail or Yahoo the limit will be 25 Mb, an amount we can easily reach. It is only necessary to want to share a series of important memories of the holidays or a work file with detailed images, to exceed this amount. The solution will be none other than using systems like Sendspace with a capacity of up to 300 Mb. Take note of the steps you will need to follow to send files with Sendspace.

Steps for sending files with Sendspace

  1. Sendspace is a file transfer network that allows us to share very large files. It is a temporary hosting where we will be able to put our personal documents. This way, the people we need to share these files with will be able to use the information, view it and download it whenever they want.
  2. We’ll start by creating an account on Sendspace. We look for this website in the reference browser and start analyzing the options available to us. We can create a free account that will help us in those rare moments when email can’t take over.
  3. Sendspace Lite allows us to register for free. We will choose this option which will allow us to send files and check the efficiency of this system. You will see that a form appears with your personal details so that you can register for free. When we have completed everything perfectly we will click on the option ‘Register’.
  4. At that very moment we will receive an email to activate the account. We’ll open the activation link so we can start sending. Continue the process by clicking on the ‘Browse’ option. A dialog box will open to find the document or documents you want to share.
  5. We just need to select the file and add the email address that we want to appear as the sender and the one that should correspond to the recipient. It’s important to write this data correctly to ensure that the files are sent correctly.
  6. We’ll wait for the file to finish loading into the message. When it’s fully stored we’ll get the option to confirm the file name. We will then have the link to download the file, in the same way that the person receiving the message will receive it.

In this simple way we can send those larger files that our email cannot upload. It is a free application that allows us to store up to 300 Mb.